Free up time by having quick access to assets

You get the most out of your existing assets when you can easily find and use content.

"Brandfolder has helped centralize all of our assets and content while also controlling what our team uses. The team is more productive and spends less time digging in Google Drive for their needs."

Selena Judd - Sales & Marketing Operations Manager

Locating your brand assets as easy as a Google search

Brandfolder’s AI engine empowers small businesses to search and find assets - with zero training.

Quickly search across a variety of asset metadata and taxonomy

Save common search terms speed up asset location

Utilize intelligent search tools like filtering and search multiple ways for automatic discovery

Brandfolder integrates with the tools you use everyday

Brandfolder integrates seamlessly with the tools you use every day making it simple to use brand assets.

+ many more

Automatically tag and organize all of your brand’s assets

Spend more time running your business and less time tagging photos and content.

AI-powered Auto-Tagging allows for intuitive discovery

Filter by Tags, Custom Fields, Metadata, Orientation, Favorites and more 

Upload, store, organize and share unlimited files from one secure location

Understand how and where your assets are being used

Brandfolder's Brand Intelligence features give actionable insights that enable you to design more effective brand content. 

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See what Brandfolder users are saying

“Our investment with Brandfolder has really paid off in terms of our team’s efficiency and overall sanity."

Brandon Nalband
Creative Ops Manager
at Duo Security

Bruce Jacobs, MPA
Director of Communications 

at Kaptivate, LLC

“Brandfolder makes digital asset management a breeze! Their tools make it easy to upload and organize files into categories, offer multiple file formats, and create filters to make it easy for you to find what you're looking for."

“We transitioned to Brandfolder from Bynder and were astonished by how intuitive the UI was to use by less savvy users."

Lily Maley
Global Director of Creative and Brand Marketing at Cision

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Managing your digital assets shouldn't be a struggle for small businesses.

Managing your digital assets shouldn't be a struggle for small businesses.

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