Denver, CO. January 28, 2016Brandfolder recently surveyed 255 marketers and creatives from SMBs and enterprise companies across the globe to better understand how brands manage their digital brand assets. Today, the findings of their independent report on the state of digital asset management (DAM) were announced.

From social media to online advertising, digital assets are critical to branding success. To keep up with demand, marketers must create a greater volume of content. In fact, 76% of B2B marketers say they will produce more content in 2016 than ever before.1 But, how will they organize, manage, and distribute this content efficiently? Brandfolder conducted a study to find out. 

Latest study highlights brand management challenges — and pinpoints how to solve them.

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"Digital asset management solutions are essential to creating a strong and consistent brand identity."

Survey Highlights
The key findings of the Brandfolder report illustrate the greatest challenges of modern brands, and reveal the vital role DAM plays in building brand equity. One clear take-away: brands will beneļ¬t most from cloud-based DAM platforms that integrate seamlessly with other tools in the marketing ecosystem.

The research also found:

• While 80% of respondents agreed that the ability to locate and share assets is highly valuable, only 9% use a DAM tool.

• The obstacle of locating final brand assets without a DAM solution fits into a greater scope of daily challenges, including: managing correct asset usage (60%), responding to asset requests (58%), sharing assets internally (61%), and sharing assets externally (58%).

• Without the ability to share brand assets privately, define brand guidelines, or track brand usage, the 74% of marketers who rely on basic cloud storage (file systems like Box and Dropbox) still face major roadblocks when trying to complete simple tasks.

• Brands without a DAM platform locate assets via email (94%), phone calls (88%), Google search (72%), or contact forms (64%). These are highly inefficient means of managing brand assets, and threaten brand integrity if the incorrect file is used.

30% of the marketers and creatives surveyed agreed that it takes at least 15 minutes or more to find a single asset. That’s 62.5 hours spent searching for brand assets on an annual basis.

Build Brand Equity with DAM

DAM systems are designed to help marketers organize and manage all types of digital assets, from logos and color palettes, to stock imagery and video content. Although more brands are realizing the value of DAM, the space is still growing, and a lack of reporting and analysis in the industry makes it difficult to know which way to turn.

Steve Baker, CEO of Brandfolder, adds, “Digital asset management solutions are essential to creating a strong and consistent identity. When companies fail to manage their brand correctly, their overall brand equity is diminished. Alternatively, well-managed brands are worth up to 20% more than brands that are not well-managed.”

Brandfolder’s research arms marketers and creatives with new insights about how DAM platforms can mitigate asset management challenges to build brand equity.

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1 Content Marketing Institute: B2B Content Marketing 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends North America, October 2015 

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