Whether you’re a marketer creating a compelling landing page, a sales executive coming up with out-of-the-box solutions, or an experienced designer yourself, we all know that creative work is tough work. And, it can be even tougher to produce high-quality creative work when you’re on a tight deadline.

Luckily, we chatted with several accomplished creative professionals to get their best productivity tips & tricks — and we’re sharing it all with you in this eCourse.

The 2-Week Productivity eCourse for Creatives


Boost your productivity with these 6 amazing tips.

Featuring tips from experts at these leading brands:

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Leigh Buck,
Creative Director

Rachel Westerhoff,
Creative Manager

Donny Smith,
Associate Design Director

Timothy Mudd,
Creative Director

Brian Carden
Product Design Lead

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Tip 1
When the size of your team is small, productivity is key. Learn how the three-person design team at FINIS, Inc. works and collaborates for maximum efficiency.

Making the Most of a Small Team

Tip 2
Let the task define the process. See how Under Amour's design team takes non-linear tasks, like designing and creating, and applies them to the highly structured world of agile.

Designing in an Agile Environment

When it comes to juggling creative and business responsibilities, staying focused can be challenging. Learn how to best organize your time to be productive.

Creative Time vs. Business Time

Tip 3
Ditch your email and group chat. Instead, have an in-person conversation with physical objects like foam boards and sticky notes. See how these simple actions have yielded big results at Colorescience.

The Harmony Between Analog and Digital

Tip 4
Tip 5

Maximizing your Creativity

Learn how the creative team at Dollar Shave Club finds inspiration everywhere, and why they aren't afraid to start working on a project at any hour of the day.

Receive 6 productivity tips over the course of two weeks. The tips cover:

Tip 6

Putting your Productivity to Work

Which productivity tips will you put into action? Our final e-mail will provide you with a full summary to help you remember the most important take-aways from this 2-week productivity eCourse.
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