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The Evolution of Brand Consistency: What you Should be Doing Yesterday

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How to own the message

How to adhere, and stay true to your brand by building the assets and campaigns to support it

The importance of clearly defined goals and value propositions

Branding trends come and go, but we can all agree that one thing is here to stay: brand consistency. And in a world where brands are criticized and virally shamed within minutes, the expectations of brand consistency continues to evolve and grow, creating more anxiety and  chaos than ever before. That’s why it’s important to stay ahead of the curve, and be prepared for anything that comes your way. 

Download The Evolution of Brand Consistency: What you Should be Doing Yesterday, to learn how to get back the control of your brand to save face and avoid future blowups. Mary Simms, award winning Publicist, and contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine and the Huffington Post, will provide you with the tools to get you there in this 30 minute recorded webinar.

Speaker Spotlight:

Mary Simms

Award Winning Publicist 

CEO & Founder 

The Mary Simms Public Relations Agency - Home of PR Influencers 


Speaker Spotlight:

Margaret Hartwell

Innovation Director 

Cognition Studio

Mary Simms

Award Winning Publicist

CEO & Founder

The Mary Simms Public Relations Agency

How DAM will get you there faster, and get you the results you’ve been looking for 

How to use content amplification to maximize and monetize media mentions 

Whether it's a live shot from a battlefield in Afghanistan or a devastating natural disaster, Mary Simms knows how to shape the conversation, dominate any situation, and leverage the heck out of every opportunity. A crisis and PR strategic communications consultant turned Founder, Mary helps influencers and entrepreneurs overcome their greatest communications challenges. Formerly an NBC television news reporter, U.S. Army Veteran and war correspondent, past spokeswoman for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and Federal Emergency Management Agency, she uses her 17+ years of experience as a media insider to help high-profile clients favorably influence media coverage, embrace their expertise and land favorable features on top tier media outlets, blogs and podcasts that lead to increased revenue and exposure. Follow her on Twitter @marysimms or visit

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